Friday, May 13, 2011


(My apologies to those of you who subscribe to my blog. You have already received this post and may have been sent some old posts too! Everything went haywire when Blogger made changes recently and this original post disappeared. If you care, you can read briefly about it here. The joys of technology!) 
I am ecstatic to announce that last week SCBWI California North/Central awarded me a Conference Grant which insures my attendance at the Los Angeles conference in August. (The grant essay was the most challenging 250 words I've ever written!) I am very excited and will be using the next 84 days to prepare. I have been firmly positioned at my drawing table for the last two weeks and will continue to be until it's time to leave for the conference. I have two final roughs ready to begin as color finals and sketches for quite a few black and white book interiors.

Keep an eye out. I will be offering some great specials in the upcoming months for workshops, web design and art to help pay for the rest of my trip. 

Back to work!