There are more self publishing authors than ever making it even more important to present professionally formatted and designed work to a sometimes skeptical audience.

The way I work:
User experience is highly important to me. Whatever the end form the book will be - how it functions and looks in the real world is crucial. I don't run a book conversion factory. I work with each element and page until it is just right.

A little about my background:
  • I have been designing and illustrating professionally since 1985.
  • I did my first print book design and layout, including cover, in 1995.
  • In 2003 I began designing websites and now I use a lot of the same code language to control the design for digital books. They're a lot like mini-websites!

Cover Design:
For more information on my book services - including print books - go to my website and scroll down until you get to "Self Publishing Services".